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Hello to all!
That ‘s the last article of this year … it is almost finished and I will do
best wishes for the New Year.
I thank all the people who had faith in me by donating or
merely commenting on the work done so far, giving me the opportunity
to improve my work.
Thank you so much! : D
I hope for a 2013 full of news and full of positive events for all of you!

Best regards,
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)

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Merry Christmas


Hello to all,
I wish you best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and your families.
Hoping that each of you pass a happy and wonderful day with your family and friends.

Best wishes,
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)

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Funding and Roadmap of Image Layers for Blender

Here represent the various stages of development of the Image Layers.

If you like this project, please donate to it. Without these donation the project can take longer.
First development will start when the amount of 500€ will be met. The complete development will be around 3.000€. As soon as the project will be made public. Once the patch is made quite usable.

Please contact me if you have additional questions.

I hope to get enough funds,to complete the development! 😉

Status funding:

Phase 1:
Stage    : Management
Target   : Management and operations common to organize Layer.
Deadline : 15/04/2012
Amount   : 500€
Info     :

1) Operations management layer.

Menu Layer
|-> Add
|——> New Layer
|——> ——————
|——> Above active layer
|——> Below active layer
|-> Duplicate Layer
|-> Clear Layer
|-> Remove Layer
|——> Layer
|——> Hidden Layers
|-> Merge
|——> Merge Layers
|——> Merge Visible
|——> Unique layers
|-> ——————
|-> Select
|——> Select the previous layer
|——> Select the next layer
|——> Select the top layer
|——> Select the bottom layer
|-> Order
|——> Layer to Top
|——> Raise Layer
|——> Lower Layer
|——> Layer to Bottom
|-> ——————
|——> Reverse Layer Order

2) Insert image as a layer.
3) Undo & Redo Layer.
4) Lock Layer.
5) Reading and saving in files. Blend.
6) Dashed Border Layer.
7) Improving and adding some other Blend Mode.

Phase 2:
Stage    : Transform
Target   : Simple operation to change the selected layer.
Deadline : Defined after phase 1
Amount   : 800€
Info     :

1) Operations for manipulating layers.

Menu Layer
|-> Order …
|-> Transform
|——> Flip Horizontally
|——> Flip Vertically
|——> ——————
|——> Rotate 90° clockwise
|——> Rotate 90° counter-clockwise
|——> Rotate 180°
|——> Arbitrary Rotation
|-> ——————
|——> Offset
|-> Scale
|——> Layer Boundary Size
|——> Layer to Image Size
|——> Scale Layer

2) Begin integration layer with Blender.

Phase 3:
Stage    : Color
Target   : Operation for the color management.
Deadline : Defined after phase 2
Amount   : 1200€
Info     :

1) Exposure, Saturation, Hue, Contrast, Color Temperature and Tint, Sharpness.
2) Add GrayScale for the Color Space.
3) Integration layer with Blender.

Phase 4:
Stage      : Import & Export
Target     : Import and export in the formats most commonly used layer.
Deadline : Defined after phase 3
Amount   : 2000€
Info     : Import and Export in ora, xcf, …

Phase 5:
Stage    : Tools
Target   : Paint Tools, Selection Tools, Generic Tools
Deadline : Defined after phase 4
Amount   : 2500€
Info     :

1) Paint Tools: Color Picker, Text Tool, Bucket Fill, Shapes.
2) Selection Tools: Rectangle, Ellipse, Free, Polygonal.
3) Generic Tools: Griglia, Hand Tool, …

Phase 6:
Stage    : Brush
Target   : Improvement Brush
Deadline : Defined after phase 5
Amount   : 3000€
Info     :

1) Import the improvements made by Jason Wilkins in GSOC 2011.
2) Add Blend Mode for Brushes.
3) To be defined yet!

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Image Layers in Blender

Hello everyone.
Today, we are here with a new news and new features for our Blender!
I started to develop features for images to create layers in Blender, as in PS and Gimp!!
A first implementation was done by KWK (Konrad Kleine) [1] for Gsoc2010.

In this post [2], I announced that I was working on the development of the layers. But then I was taken by the development of AMA (pause for the inclusion of Bmesh in the trunk) and all this came secondary.

The current status is:

Layers v0.1 beta1 new features and fixed bug 023\2012:
1. FIX: Fixed many bugs from the patch of KWK.
2. UPD: Improved UI.
3. ADD: With the creation of a new image now you can choose the background color: Transparent,
White, RGB.
4. ADD: Ability to duplicate a layer.
5. ADD: Blend Modes: Normal, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light, Color Dodge,
Linear Dodge, Color Burn, Linear Burn, Average, Add, Subtract, Difference, Lighten,
Darken, Negation, Exclusion, Linear Light, Vivid Light, Pin Light, Hard Light.

See you soon with many new features!

Best Regards,
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)

P.S.: If you like this project, please donate to it. Donate!! 😉

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Local Rotation in AMA 3.1

Hi 🙂
Happy new year!!

The new year has brought a feature long awaited by the public.
She was eventually implemented the local rotation of the clones.
Now, the clones can rotate around the main object and on its center 😉
As the video shows:

Soon with new features.

Best Regards,

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AMA – Advanced Modifier Array 0.5 beta3

Hi to all,

Advanced array patch is an improvement of the modifier Array.
These changes are intended to give a bit of randomness to the copies.
Such as: location, rotation, scaling and materials, plus as many other small new features.

Tracker :


Info :

Builds :
Win32: Blender-AMA-32.rar
Win64: Blender-AMA-64.rar
Mac OS X: blender-ama-svn42671.dmg

Patch :

This builds includes my new “Advanced Modifier Array”:


1. Local Rotation.
2. Array distributed on a curve.

Advanced Modifier Array v0.5 beta3 new features and fixed bug (from v0.5.2) 14\12\2011:

1. FIX: “Start Cap” and “End Cap” appears in “Curves” without “Curve Cap”.
2. FIX: “Mid Cap” appears in “Curves” without “Curve Cap”.
3. FIX: Fixed a display bug in “Edit Mode” of the “Mid Cap”.
4. FIX: Initialization of variables for the rand offset.
5. UPD: New UI and improvements, based on PDF of Leandro Cavalheiro.
6. UPD: Two ways to use the modifier:
– “REGULAR” : Standard Method of cloning.
– “PATH” : Cloning along curve.
7. UPD: The “Offset Between” is now in the “Fit Type”.
8. ADD: Ability to bind object “Mid Cap” to a different curve from that of the copies.
9. ADD: Ability to add to the curve of the “Mid Cap” also “Start Cap” and “End Cap”,
respectively the first and last Control Points.
10. ADD: “Scale” can have negative values, to create clones smaller than the original.
11. ADD: The “Mid Cap” is subject to noise, but only in the “Sequence”.
12. ADD: “Start Cap – Mid Cap – End Cap” now have the ability to use a random material
belonging to the object cloned.

Advanced Modifier Array v0.5 beta2 new features and fixed bug (from v0.5.1) 3\11\2011:

1. ADD: Ability to add a “Mid Cap” in various sequences and on “Control Points” of a Bezier
and NURBS curve.
2. ADD: Ability to add multiple clones of a “Mid Cap”.

Advanced Modifier Array v0.5 beta1 new features and fixed bug (from v0.4) 278\2011:

1. FIX: When you allocate a new clone, the assigned material is not the first but the next.
2. ADD: Added option “Sequence” in the tab “Advanced Material”.
3. ADD: Possibility of repeating a material many times, in the mode: “Sequence”.
4. ADD: Ability to add a central object “Mid Cap”.

Advanced Modifier Array v0.4 new features and fixed bug (from v0.3) 178\2011:

1. FIX: Failure to deallocate the last clone.
2. FIX: The Dupli Group maintains the “Noise Offset” even if the Advanced Noise
is disabled.
3. FIX: Elimination from the undo of the button “Refresh For. Offsets”. So the undo of
the clones work well.
4. FIX: The functions for the “Offset Noise” now use the functions in “BLI_rand.h”.
5. FIX: “final_offset” was calculated with a clone more.
6. ADD: Each clone can now be associated with a random element of the “Dupli Group”.
7. ADD: The “Dupli Group” respects the “Restrict Mode” of the modifiers.
8. ADD: Updating the “Count” when you change the “Fit Type” except for “Fit Length”.
9. ADD: New UI.
10. ADD: The “Noise Offset” for Loc-Rot-Scale now has no limits.
11. ADD: The “Offset Noise” now has 5 decimal digits.
12. DEL: Elimination of the “noise factor”.

Advanced Modifier Array v0.3 53\2011:

1. ADD: Random variation of the position, with the choice of direction.
2. ADD: Noise Factor: multiplicative offset value.
3. ADD: Lock offset.
4. ADD: Saving and reading the offset locked.
5. ADD: Offset for scaling and rotation. (The rotation is based on the center of
the main subject)
6. ADD: Distributes the elements in a circle on an axis to choose.
7. ADD: Material random to each cloned.
8. ADD: Ability to tie a group array.
9. ADD: Cloning between two points.
Feature inspired by Mode 501:
10. ADD: New UI.
11. ADD: The noise offset is now updated only when pressing “Refresh Ad. Offset”,
inherent to the style of Blender.


•     ALTA :

1.    Dupli Group:
A.    Assign the material of the clone to “Dupli Group” inherent.
B.    Material at random also the “Dupli Group”.
2.    Enter a button to the randomization of the materials. So it does not change the rand offset.
3.    Associating a curve to the array.

•     MEDIA :

1.    Add offset to the rotation on its axis.
2.    Choose the direction of the offset for the X-Y-Z.
3.    To activate the “Dupli Group” even when you press the button “Apply” of the modifier.
4.    Assign a color ramp to the modifier array for color gradient.
5.    Mid Cap:
A.    Allow to merge to the clones (Merge Verts).
6.    OB-CAP: Keep the original material for each Cap.
7.    Create a form to aspirale with clones.
8.    MultiScatter.

See you soon with many new features!

Best Regards,
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)

P.S.: I wish you a merry Christmas!!! 🙂

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Fabio Russo CV

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printf(“Hello, World”);

Hello, my name is Fabio.

This blog is born, to publish my experiments with Blender, with graphics and programming.

Sorry for my English!


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