Image Layer Phase 3 Completed (eng)

20 Mar

Hello to everyone,

I finally managed to post the third phase of the project.
This publication has undergone many delays due mainly to two transfers to Italy and various business reasons that did not allow me to devote myself fully to the project.
Now let’s talk about serious things! 😛

In this third phase have been resolved many annoying bugs and improved features are already implemented , I have also added other very interesting features.
The main new features are: Preview of operations applied to images and new operations on the colors of the images.
At the end of pages you can find the full ChangeLog.

The next phase will have as main objective to be able to import and export files with the layers of images (ora, xcf, …) and to improve the integration of the layers within Blender.
The beginning of the development of the fourth phase, will begin to achieving the €2,000 required.

Here’s a video demo of the third phase: 

Please all users to test as much as possible these new features in order to further improve this project.

I also want to thank everyone for the donations, thanks!! 😀

ChangeLog Phase 3:
1. FIX: Allocation of a default layer’s name creation missed.
2. FIX: In the Space Image if you pass to paint mode without an image, Blender Crash.
3. FIX: In the space Image produced by a render or by the Composite if you pass to Paint mode, Blender Crash.
4. FIX: BUG danxsy: Crash when you add a layer meanwhile you carry out the unwrap.
5. FIX: Reload and Replace did not work properly.
6. FIX: Open as Layer did not visualize the layer with the image.
7. FIX: Problem about ImBuf Layers initialization has been solved.
8. FIX: Size of a rotated image are properly calculated now.
9. FIX: Following Blend Mode problems solved: Color Dodge, Color Burn, Vivid Light e Hard Mix.
10. FIX: Now blender doesn’t crash when Undo is recalled.
11. FIX: When you opened an image from a file, layers were cancelled, if all of them were made invisible.
12. FIX: Now image layers saved in a file .blend are properly read.
13. FIX: If you open a file with an image and its layers inside, the image is displayed with a wrong ColorSpace.
14. FIX: When you open a file with an image and its layers inside, there will be Blender crash, because layers ColorSpace were not properly saved.
15. FIX: If you have an image with layers and switch from the Editor image to 3D View, Blender crash.
16. FIX: When there was a transparent image, a problem occurred, but it has been solved. Blend Mode were calculated only where colours superimposed, so that where the base were transparent, parts were not displayed.
17. FIX: If offset exeeded the size of the image, memory was not deallocated.
18. FIX: Now, if wrap is turned off for negative values, the image is not does not keep happening.
19. FIX: Offset on x and y axis is now complete, while the last pixel was previously not shifted.
20. FIX: Cancelling an image did not clear space in the preview memory.
21. UPD: Layers are Thread Safe, too.
22. UPD: Updated layers with new Image Thread management.
23. UPD: Shortcut added: ALT + LeftClick in order to create a default layer.
24. UPD: “Image Layer” Panel is displayed only if there is an image and you are in “Paint mode”.
25. UPD: Sample Color improved on Paint mode (key: S). Initial colour can be refreshed/restored by clicking mouse right key and ESC key. Moreover, just the colour of the image is extracted, not the interface one.
26. ADD: Possibility to use Color Space mode: GrayScale has been added.
27. ADD: “Image” menu has been added.

Menu Image
|-> Color Space
|——> GrayScale
|——> RGB
|-> ——————
|-> Duplicate
|-> Trasform
|——> Flip Horizontally
|——> Flip Vertically
|——> ——————
|——> Rotate 90° clockwise
|——> Rotate 90° anti-clockwise
|——> Rotate 180°
|——> Arbitrary Rotation
|——> ——————
|——> Offset
|-> Scale
|-> ——————
|-> Merge Layer
|-> Flatten Image

28. ADD: “Color” menu has been added.

Menu Color
|-> Bright/Contrast
|-> Exposure
|-> ——————
|-> Colorize
|-> Desaturate
|——> Lightness
|——> Luminosity
|——> Average
|-> ——————
|-> Threshold
|-> Posterize
|-> Invert …
|-> Invert Value

29. ADD: Possibility to block the alpha while painting has been added.
30. ADD: The following Blend Mode have been added: Inverse Color Burn, Soft Burn.
31. ADD: Possibility to use the undo with operations on the layers has been added.
32. ADD: Image sampling was added to arbitrary rotation.
33. ADD: Arbitrary rotation now has the possibility to leave the original size of the image.
34. ADD: Preview was added to the following operations:

Mode View
Menu Image
|-> Transform
|-> Arbitrary Rotation
|-> Offset
Menu Color
|-> Bright/Contrast
|-> Exposure
|-> Colorize
|-> Threshold
|-> Posterize

Mode Paint
Menu Image
|-> Transform
|-> Arbitrary Rotation
|-> Offset
Menu Color (Layer Selected)
|-> Bright/Contrast
|-> Exposure
|-> Colorize
|-> Threshold
|-> Posterize
Menu Layer (Layer Selezionato)
|-> Transform
|-> Arbitrary Rotation
|-> Offset

Win 64:
Win 32:
Ubuntu 64:
Ubuntu 32:

Patch: Layer-phase3-2.69-svn.patch

The code can be found at the following link:—Layer

I’ll see you soon! 😉
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  1. spirou4d

    19 agosto 2019 at 17:11

    Hello Man,
    I am interested about your Image Layers (phase3) win 64b executable, where can I download your releases, please? I can’t build it.



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