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Compositing Preset 0.7

Hello everyone 😀
Best wishes for a wonderful 2013!

A few days ago, I published the addon: Compositing Preset 0.7
with many new features over the previous version.
The main novelty is the possibility to save a group created in one
python script.
In this way there is the possibility of creating all presets you wish
in order to speed up the pipeline: postproduction, creation of
materials and textures.
Another feature implemented is the ability to view the preview of the
selected preset.
Download Preset: Compositing Preset 0.7

That way this script seems almost perfect, but in reality there are still
all bailouts of individual nodes, such as curves, colors, fac, blend mode,
Counting all nodes between Compositor, Texture and Shader are 168! :O
There is some work to do since you have to go to work node to node.
So I ask you if it’s something that can help. Now you can save the nodes with the default values??.
If it’s useful I ask you to prove it!
This is the classic division into stages:striscia
168 nodes for the modest sum of 300 €! 😀
Also, when will you release this with all nodes implemented,
there is also the possibility to automatically save the preview of the new presets created.

Another initiative that I want to launch is to increase the preset
available for this addon.


To do this, send me an email ( with the new preset you have created,
so I can put it inside the addon.
The presets that you send me will be included only if the camps
author, category, and description will be suitably filled with the name of the
creator, with the category and with an appropriate explanation of the preset.
You send a preview of the preset, if you can 😉
You can be anonymous, only if expressly requested!

In waiting for your response,

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