Image Layer Phase 2 Completed

Hello to all! 🙂

Finally, after a few months from the end of the first phase, I have completed the second phase.
There have been improvements on previously implemented features and I have implemented new features related to processing operations in an image.
The bulk of the work has been done trying to integrate layers in Blender, and this operation will continue in the third phase.
All modifications and improvements made in this phase are described below.

The third phase will start when you reach the 1200€.
In the meantime please all users to test the patch, so that we can improve what already done and eliminate as many bugs as possible.

Thank you all for your donations! Thanks 😉

Layers v0.2 beta6 new features and fixed bug for Phase 2. Completed: 28\9\2012:
1. FIX: If there is only one layer and you try to delete it, Blender crashes.
2. FIX: You create a layer only if it is an image of a file or if it is a generated image. In this way you avoid several crashes.
3. FIX: Fixed a display issue of the border around the image.
4. FIX: When you render a scene, Blender does not lock.
5. FIX: If it is invisible Baselayer and remove layers invisible, Blender crashes.
6. FIX: Quando applicavo Merge All con foto in un layer si verificava un crash.
7. UPD: When does the “Merge All” and is also deleted the “Background”, the last layer is renamed “Background”.
8. UPD: In the “Merge All” when you delete the “Background”, the “default_color” is set in white, the property “Background” in “IMA_LAYER_BG_WHITE”.
9. UPD: Updated “startup.blend” with the properties of the dashed border to the image.
10. UPD: In the panel Image Layers when you create a layer is created with the default settings.
11. UPD: Modified functions “BKE_image_get_ibuf” and “BKE_image_acquire_ibuf” in order to allow
the integration of layers in Blender.
12. UPD: Modified “IMB_imbuf_types.h” in “DNA_imbuf_types.h”, so you can save the ImBuf within files “.Blend”.
13. UPD: Modified “image_get_ibuf” so you can return a layer or merge layers. Useful for integration.
14. UPD: Updated Blending layers but the problem of the black border around the stroke has not been resolved.
15. UPD: Changed the way you view an image in the “View” and for Render. Now uses the “glaDrawPixelsTexScaled”.
16. UPD: In the structure “Image” is connected to ibufs the resulting image of the union of all layers.
17. ADD: Added menu “Transform”.
18. ADD: Added menu “Scale”.
19. ADD: Added “Open Image” in the header of the Space Image.
20. ADD: Ability to save layers and images in the file. “Blend”.
21. ADD: Now you can choose the layer to be used within the node “Image”.
22. ADD: Now it is possible to save an image composed of several layers.

Win 64:
Win 32:
Ubuntu 64:
Ubuntu 32:

Patch: patch-layer Phase 2.0.rar

The code can be found here:—Layer

See you soon with new features!! 😉

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Second Phase to 70%

Hello everyone,
I am sorry if I do not hear often, but it is a period replete with examinations at the university and other small things, but the work sull’image layer continues unabated! 😉
Moreover, the slowdown is due to the integration of layers in Blender and there is still some work to do.
This work serves for the subsequent phase in which some features will be implemented only possible if it is done this work well.

The current state of the second stage is:
1) Operations for manipulating layers.
Menu Layer
|-> Transform
*        |-> Flip Horizontally
*        |-> Flip Vertically
*        |-> ——————
*        |-> Rotate 90° clockwise
*        |-> Rotate 90° counter-clockwise
*        |-> Rotate 180°
*        |-> Arbitrary Rotation
*        |-> ——————
*        |-> Offset
|-> Scale
***         |-> Layer Boundary Size
***         |-> Layer to Image Size
***         |-> Scale Layer
** 2) Begin integration layer with Blender.
*  3) Saving an image in a single layer (Save, Save As ..).

*   : Released
**  : WIP
*** : Test

The patch of the present state without the features in the “Test” was published on github.

See you soon
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)

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Test Compositing Image Layers

A simple test of a layer which is applied the Blur effect and changed the color of the curve:

Best Regards,
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)

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Image Layers in Compositing Nodes

Hello everyone!
Continue the integration of Layers in Blender.
After much work, I am finally able to understand the structure of the nodes and change the node for the insertion of images so that he could read the layers.

The result of all this work is:

See you soon with new features;-)

Best Regards,
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)

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Delay Phase 2

I want to apologize for the delay which is accumulating!

The integration of image layer inside blender, it is more complicated than expected.
To help you understand: when I render a scene, blender crash! This is due to the fact that not all functions manage the layers …

See you soon;-)

P. S.: A little preview …

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Image Layer Phase 1

Hello everyone!
After just over a month, I am ready with the first phase of image layers.
I thank all those who believed in me, by making donations! 😉

I have not yet managed to implement step 3 and 5. But this will happen soon! 😉

The current status of the project is:

Layers v0.1 beta2 new features and fixed bug for Phase 1. Completed: 15\4\2012:
1. FIX: Fixed many memory problems.
2. FIX: Increased the range of parameters of the function “sdrawbox” in “glutil.c”. When you
have a zomm very excessive, the dashed border of the layer changed direction.
3. FIX: Almost solved the problem of the black border, when you paint on a layer.
4. UPD: The layers are handled by the bottom to the top, as in GIMP e PS.
5. UPD: Improved UI.
6. UPD: Layer names are handled by the API of Blender
7. UPD: The BaseLayer if it is not a layer, it can not be moved.
8. UPD: Added control to manage operations on layers only when it is in the “Painting mode”.
9. ADD: Added Menu for the management of the layers.
10. ADD: Added the ability to create layers above or below a selected layer.
11. ADD: For some operations have been associated keyboard shortcuts.
12. ADD: Added the Menu “Select”.
13. ADD: Added the dotted border around the layer. With the ability to change color at the
dotted line in the Theme Manager. In addition there is also the possibility to
disable it.
14. ADD: Now you see a cursor in the Image Space more inherent, which is disabled if you can
not draw.
15. ADD: When you invoke the Color Sample in paint mode, you see a box at the bottom left with
the selected color.
16. ADD: Added the ability to clear a layer, even if the layer is loaded a photo.
17. ADD: The Color Picker in the Image Editor, in Vertex Paint and Texture Paint change to
reflect your choices nell’User Preferences.
18. ADD: You can add an image as a layer.
19. ADD: Added the Menu “Order”.
20. ADD: Added the Menu “Merge”.
21. ADD: Ability to lock a layer.

Win 64:
Win 32:

The code can be found here:—Layer

Now, I give the go at the beginning of the second phase …

Start! 😀

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Funding and Roadmap of Image Layers for Blender

Here represent the various stages of development of the Image Layers.

If you like this project, please donate to it. Without these donation the project can take longer.
First development will start when the amount of 500€ will be met. The complete development will be around 3.000€. As soon as the project will be made public. Once the patch is made quite usable.

Please contact me if you have additional questions.

I hope to get enough funds,to complete the development! 😉

Status funding:

Phase 1:
Stage    : Management
Target   : Management and operations common to organize Layer.
Deadline : 15/04/2012
Amount   : 500€
Info     :

1) Operations management layer.

Menu Layer
|-> Add
|——> New Layer
|——> ——————
|——> Above active layer
|——> Below active layer
|-> Duplicate Layer
|-> Clear Layer
|-> Remove Layer
|——> Layer
|——> Hidden Layers
|-> Merge
|——> Merge Layers
|——> Merge Visible
|——> Unique layers
|-> ——————
|-> Select
|——> Select the previous layer
|——> Select the next layer
|——> Select the top layer
|——> Select the bottom layer
|-> Order
|——> Layer to Top
|——> Raise Layer
|——> Lower Layer
|——> Layer to Bottom
|-> ——————
|——> Reverse Layer Order

2) Insert image as a layer.
3) Undo & Redo Layer.
4) Lock Layer.
5) Reading and saving in files. Blend.
6) Dashed Border Layer.
7) Improving and adding some other Blend Mode.

Phase 2:
Stage    : Transform
Target   : Simple operation to change the selected layer.
Deadline : Defined after phase 1
Amount   : 800€
Info     :

1) Operations for manipulating layers.

Menu Layer
|-> Order …
|-> Transform
|——> Flip Horizontally
|——> Flip Vertically
|——> ——————
|——> Rotate 90° clockwise
|——> Rotate 90° counter-clockwise
|——> Rotate 180°
|——> Arbitrary Rotation
|-> ——————
|——> Offset
|-> Scale
|——> Layer Boundary Size
|——> Layer to Image Size
|——> Scale Layer

2) Begin integration layer with Blender.

Phase 3:
Stage    : Color
Target   : Operation for the color management.
Deadline : Defined after phase 2
Amount   : 1200€
Info     :

1) Exposure, Saturation, Hue, Contrast, Color Temperature and Tint, Sharpness.
2) Add GrayScale for the Color Space.
3) Integration layer with Blender.

Phase 4:
Stage      : Import & Export
Target     : Import and export in the formats most commonly used layer.
Deadline : Defined after phase 3
Amount   : 2000€
Info     : Import and Export in ora, xcf, …

Phase 5:
Stage    : Tools
Target   : Paint Tools, Selection Tools, Generic Tools
Deadline : Defined after phase 4
Amount   : 2500€
Info     :

1) Paint Tools: Color Picker, Text Tool, Bucket Fill, Shapes.
2) Selection Tools: Rectangle, Ellipse, Free, Polygonal.
3) Generic Tools: Griglia, Hand Tool, …

Phase 6:
Stage    : Brush
Target   : Improvement Brush
Deadline : Defined after phase 5
Amount   : 3000€
Info     :

1) Import the improvements made by Jason Wilkins in GSOC 2011.
2) Add Blend Mode for Brushes.
3) To be defined yet!

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