Image Layers in Compositing Nodes

Hello everyone!
Continue the integration of Layers in Blender.
After much work, I am finally able to understand the structure of the nodes and change the node for the insertion of images so that he could read the layers.

The result of all this work is:

See you soon with new features;-)

Best Regards,
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)

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Delay Phase 2

I want to apologize for the delay which is accumulating!

The integration of image layer inside blender, it is more complicated than expected.
To help you understand: when I render a scene, blender crash! This is due to the fact that not all functions manage the layers …

See you soon;-)

P. S.: A little preview …

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Image Layer Phase 1

Hello everyone!
After just over a month, I am ready with the first phase of image layers.
I thank all those who believed in me, by making donations! 😉

I have not yet managed to implement step 3 and 5. But this will happen soon! 😉

The current status of the project is:

Layers v0.1 beta2 new features and fixed bug for Phase 1. Completed: 15\4\2012:
1. FIX: Fixed many memory problems.
2. FIX: Increased the range of parameters of the function “sdrawbox” in “glutil.c”. When you
have a zomm very excessive, the dashed border of the layer changed direction.
3. FIX: Almost solved the problem of the black border, when you paint on a layer.
4. UPD: The layers are handled by the bottom to the top, as in GIMP e PS.
5. UPD: Improved UI.
6. UPD: Layer names are handled by the API of Blender
7. UPD: The BaseLayer if it is not a layer, it can not be moved.
8. UPD: Added control to manage operations on layers only when it is in the “Painting mode”.
9. ADD: Added Menu for the management of the layers.
10. ADD: Added the ability to create layers above or below a selected layer.
11. ADD: For some operations have been associated keyboard shortcuts.
12. ADD: Added the Menu “Select”.
13. ADD: Added the dotted border around the layer. With the ability to change color at the
dotted line in the Theme Manager. In addition there is also the possibility to
disable it.
14. ADD: Now you see a cursor in the Image Space more inherent, which is disabled if you can
not draw.
15. ADD: When you invoke the Color Sample in paint mode, you see a box at the bottom left with
the selected color.
16. ADD: Added the ability to clear a layer, even if the layer is loaded a photo.
17. ADD: The Color Picker in the Image Editor, in Vertex Paint and Texture Paint change to
reflect your choices nell’User Preferences.
18. ADD: You can add an image as a layer.
19. ADD: Added the Menu “Order”.
20. ADD: Added the Menu “Merge”.
21. ADD: Ability to lock a layer.

Win 64:
Win 32:

The code can be found here:—Layer

Now, I give the go at the beginning of the second phase …

Start! 😀

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Funding and Roadmap of Image Layers for Blender

Here represent the various stages of development of the Image Layers.

If you like this project, please donate to it. Without these donation the project can take longer.
First development will start when the amount of 500€ will be met. The complete development will be around 3.000€. As soon as the project will be made public. Once the patch is made quite usable.

Please contact me if you have additional questions.

I hope to get enough funds,to complete the development! 😉

Status funding:

Phase 1:
Stage    : Management
Target   : Management and operations common to organize Layer.
Deadline : 15/04/2012
Amount   : 500€
Info     :

1) Operations management layer.

Menu Layer
|-> Add
|——> New Layer
|——> ——————
|——> Above active layer
|——> Below active layer
|-> Duplicate Layer
|-> Clear Layer
|-> Remove Layer
|——> Layer
|——> Hidden Layers
|-> Merge
|——> Merge Layers
|——> Merge Visible
|——> Unique layers
|-> ——————
|-> Select
|——> Select the previous layer
|——> Select the next layer
|——> Select the top layer
|——> Select the bottom layer
|-> Order
|——> Layer to Top
|——> Raise Layer
|——> Lower Layer
|——> Layer to Bottom
|-> ——————
|——> Reverse Layer Order

2) Insert image as a layer.
3) Undo & Redo Layer.
4) Lock Layer.
5) Reading and saving in files. Blend.
6) Dashed Border Layer.
7) Improving and adding some other Blend Mode.

Phase 2:
Stage    : Transform
Target   : Simple operation to change the selected layer.
Deadline : Defined after phase 1
Amount   : 800€
Info     :

1) Operations for manipulating layers.

Menu Layer
|-> Order …
|-> Transform
|——> Flip Horizontally
|——> Flip Vertically
|——> ——————
|——> Rotate 90° clockwise
|——> Rotate 90° counter-clockwise
|——> Rotate 180°
|——> Arbitrary Rotation
|-> ——————
|——> Offset
|-> Scale
|——> Layer Boundary Size
|——> Layer to Image Size
|——> Scale Layer

2) Begin integration layer with Blender.

Phase 3:
Stage    : Color
Target   : Operation for the color management.
Deadline : Defined after phase 2
Amount   : 1200€
Info     :

1) Exposure, Saturation, Hue, Contrast, Color Temperature and Tint, Sharpness.
2) Add GrayScale for the Color Space.
3) Integration layer with Blender.

Phase 4:
Stage      : Import & Export
Target     : Import and export in the formats most commonly used layer.
Deadline : Defined after phase 3
Amount   : 2000€
Info     : Import and Export in ora, xcf, …

Phase 5:
Stage    : Tools
Target   : Paint Tools, Selection Tools, Generic Tools
Deadline : Defined after phase 4
Amount   : 2500€
Info     :

1) Paint Tools: Color Picker, Text Tool, Bucket Fill, Shapes.
2) Selection Tools: Rectangle, Ellipse, Free, Polygonal.
3) Generic Tools: Griglia, Hand Tool, …

Phase 6:
Stage    : Brush
Target   : Improvement Brush
Deadline : Defined after phase 5
Amount   : 3000€
Info     :

1) Import the improvements made by Jason Wilkins in GSOC 2011.
2) Add Blend Mode for Brushes.
3) To be defined yet!

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New management layer

Hello everyone! 😀

Today I am publishing a screenshot of the new UI for managing layers!

I also made a change on the order of layers, now everything is organized as the most common graphics programs. (GIMP, PS, etc)

This feature has been requested by many people in the comments on BlenderNation and on Image Layers in Blender.

See you soon with many new features!

Best Regards,
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)

P.S.: If you like this project, please donate to it. Donate!! 😉

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Image Layers in Blender

Hello everyone.
Today, we are here with a new news and new features for our Blender!
I started to develop features for images to create layers in Blender, as in PS and Gimp!!
A first implementation was done by KWK (Konrad Kleine) [1] for Gsoc2010.

In this post [2], I announced that I was working on the development of the layers. But then I was taken by the development of AMA (pause for the inclusion of Bmesh in the trunk) and all this came secondary.

The current status is:

Layers v0.1 beta1 new features and fixed bug 023\2012:
1. FIX: Fixed many bugs from the patch of KWK.
2. UPD: Improved UI.
3. ADD: With the creation of a new image now you can choose the background color: Transparent,
White, RGB.
4. ADD: Ability to duplicate a layer.
5. ADD: Blend Modes: Normal, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light, Color Dodge,
Linear Dodge, Color Burn, Linear Burn, Average, Add, Subtract, Difference, Lighten,
Darken, Negation, Exclusion, Linear Light, Vivid Light, Pin Light, Hard Light.

See you soon with many new features!

Best Regards,
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)

P.S.: If you like this project, please donate to it. Donate!! 😉

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AMA – Advanced Modifier Array 0.5 beta4

Hello guys,
I am writing to inform you the release of a new patch of Advanced Modifier Array.
In this version, new features were developed, fixed several bugs and has been made more usable.

These are the changes:
Advanced Modifier Array v0.5 beta4 new features and fixed bug (from v0.5.3.1):

1. FIX: If I link a group and I unchecked the “Advanced Cloning”, clones of the group are seen.
2. FIX: If I have a Mid-Cap and I unchecked the “Advanced Mid-Cap”, copies of the object
are seen.
3. FIX: If active the “Randomize Material” generates random materials, opening and closing
the tab.
4. FIX: If active the “Rays Direction” and off the tab “Advanced Cloning”, the mode is still
active rays.
5. FIX: If you turn the box “Rand Object” without any Dupli Group in the tab
“Advanced Cloning”, Blender crashes.
6: FIX: Fixed issue UNDO.
7. DEL: The button “Refresh Ad. Offset” has been deleted.
8. UPD: Turn on all the default options “Randomize Transform”.
9. UPD: The advanced tab now have the ability to be activated and displayed.
10. UPD: New UI for the tab “Randomize Transform”.
11. ADD: The changes are now in real time.
12. ADD: Added “Random Seed” to “Randomize Transform”, “Advanced Cloning” and
“Randomize Material”.
13. ADD: Added for each “Random Seed” a button to create a random seed.

Advanced Modifier Array v0.5 beta3.1 new features and fixed bug (from v0.5.3):

1. ADD: Local Rotation: Rotation on its own axis.

Win32: Blender-AMA-32.rar
Win64: Blender-AMA-64.rar
Ubuntu11.10-32: Blender-U-AMA32.tar.gz
Ubuntu11.10-64: Blender-U-AMA64.tar.gz
Mac OS X: blender-ama-svn43767.dmg (Compilato da Kino)


The video with the new features:

See you soon with many new features!

Best Regards,
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)

P.S.: If you like this project, please donate to it. Donate!! 😉

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New features for Background Images

Here I am with a new patch to improve the Background Images.

This patch is used to rotate and flip the image according to the X and Y!
Here is a video where new features are displayed:

Best regards,
ruesp83 😉

P.S.: If you like this project or project AMA (Advanced Modifier Array), please donate to it.
Please press the button in the sidebar to donate or by clicking on this link: Donate!!.

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Donations for AMA

Hello everyone!
I am writing this new article to kindly ask for a contribution to the community, in order to continue the development of the patch for Advanced Modifier Array.
Improvement of the Array in our popular program Blender.
I just ask a small offering to do with the button “Donations”, here in the Sidebar on the right or by clicking on this link: Donate!!
Your donation will be used to continue to improve this patch and make me able to realize what I can do better. 😉
Thank everyone in advance for your contribution!

P.S.: Special thanks to Andcamp, he was the first 😀

Ciao a tutti!!
Scrivo questo nuovo articolo per chiedere un contributo alla comunità, per continuare lo sviluppo della patch per l’Advanced Modifier Array.
Miglioramento dell’ Array presente nel nostro amato programma Blender.
Vi chiedo solo una piccolissima offerta da fare con il pulsante delle donazioni quì a lato nella Sidebar, oppure cliccando su questo link: Donate!!
La vostra donazione sarà utilizzata per continuare a migliorare questa patch e per riuscire a farmi realizzare quello che mi riesce far meglio. 😉
Ringrazio tutti anticipatamente per il loro contributo!!

P.S.: Un ringraziamento speciale ad Andcamp che è stato il primo 😀

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Local Rotation in AMA 3.1

Hi 🙂
Happy new year!!

The new year has brought a feature long awaited by the public.
She was eventually implemented the local rotation of the clones.
Now, the clones can rotate around the main object and on its center 😉
As the video shows:

Soon with new features.

Best Regards,

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