Image Layer Phase 1

16 Apr

Hello everyone!
After just over a month, I am ready with the first phase of image layers.
I thank all those who believed in me, by making donations! 😉

I have not yet managed to implement step 3 and 5. But this will happen soon! 😉

The current status of the project is:

Layers v0.1 beta2 new features and fixed bug for Phase 1. Completed: 15\4\2012:
1. FIX: Fixed many memory problems.
2. FIX: Increased the range of parameters of the function “sdrawbox” in “glutil.c”. When you
have a zomm very excessive, the dashed border of the layer changed direction.
3. FIX: Almost solved the problem of the black border, when you paint on a layer.
4. UPD: The layers are handled by the bottom to the top, as in GIMP e PS.
5. UPD: Improved UI.
6. UPD: Layer names are handled by the API of Blender
7. UPD: The BaseLayer if it is not a layer, it can not be moved.
8. UPD: Added control to manage operations on layers only when it is in the “Painting mode”.
9. ADD: Added Menu for the management of the layers.
10. ADD: Added the ability to create layers above or below a selected layer.
11. ADD: For some operations have been associated keyboard shortcuts.
12. ADD: Added the Menu “Select”.
13. ADD: Added the dotted border around the layer. With the ability to change color at the
dotted line in the Theme Manager. In addition there is also the possibility to
disable it.
14. ADD: Now you see a cursor in the Image Space more inherent, which is disabled if you can
not draw.
15. ADD: When you invoke the Color Sample in paint mode, you see a box at the bottom left with
the selected color.
16. ADD: Added the ability to clear a layer, even if the layer is loaded a photo.
17. ADD: The Color Picker in the Image Editor, in Vertex Paint and Texture Paint change to
reflect your choices nell’User Preferences.
18. ADD: You can add an image as a layer.
19. ADD: Added the Menu “Order”.
20. ADD: Added the Menu “Merge”.
21. ADD: Ability to lock a layer.

Win 64:
Win 32:

The code can be found here:—Layer

Now, I give the go at the beginning of the second phase …

Start! 😀

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8 risposte a “Image Layer Phase 1

  1. daniele

    17 aprile 2012 at 15:30

    Ciao Fabio, complimenti per quello che stai facendo, volevo chiederti se tutto questo ben di dio sarà poi utilizzabile in viewport, tipo : Mari, mudbox, bodypaint ?

    (seconda parte)

    • Fabio Russo

      17 aprile 2012 at 21:35

      Grazie Daniele per i complimenti!
      Il video su MudBox già lo conoscevo, quello su Mari no. Molto bello! 🙂
      L’idea di gestire i layer come bump, diffuse etc ci stava.
      L’importante è iniziare ad avere una buona base, solida, di partenza.
      Ottenuto questo, ci si può solo sbizzarrire con le idee! 😉

  2. Spirou4D

    18 aprile 2012 at 09:14

    Hi Fabio,

    Great thanks for your work and I want to informe you and everybody this new essential add-on:
    Z-projection like Zbrush here:
    Yours two tools are very exciting to paint a good model.
    Congratulations from Lille in France.

  3. Harvester

    23 aprile 2012 at 07:48

    Ciao Fabio, grazie per l’eccellente lavoro! Questo è un notevole miglioramento nella gestione delle immagini in Blender. Bravo, continua così!

  4. Paweł Łyczkowski

    21 Maggio 2012 at 15:36

    Pity, but it crashes when I add new layer. I reset to default settings beforehand.

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    7 giugno 2012 at 10:33

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  6. lendo

    13 giugno 2012 at 03:49

    Nice good job 🙂

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    4 aprile 2013 at 11:33

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