New features for Background Images

23 Gen

Here I am with a new patch to improve the Background Images.

This patch is used to rotate and flip the image according to the X and Y!
Here is a video where new features are displayed:

Best regards,
ruesp83 😉

P.S.: If you like this project or project AMA (Advanced Modifier Array), please donate to it.
Please press the button in the sidebar to donate or by clicking on this link: Donate!!.

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3 risposte a “New features for Background Images

  1. Luke

    1 febbraio 2012 at 01:32

    Is this feature getting into trunk?

    • Fabio Russo

      1 febbraio 2012 at 10:29

      Hello, I reported the creation of this patch. But I do not know if and when it is inserted in the trunk!
      I post a build on graphicall.

  2. Karlis Stigis

    24 marzo 2012 at 18:03

    This is usefull, but can you make it possible to change if that picture is in background or foreground.. I mean on top of everything, not below everything. That is one thing I always wanted. Now you can’t see a thing if you are in shaded mode.. and all the time you have to change to wireframe to see it.



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